Based in Evanston, IL, we ride in the Greater Chicago area and enjoy the scenery along Lake Michigan. We have a no-drop ride at least once a week, to which riders of all levels are invited and we ride at the pace of the slowest rider, stopping to take pictures and enjoy some delicious snacks – donuts, hot dogs, pizza, you name it!

For those who want to race and train seriously, our more experienced members usually do serious rides a few times a week, including some intervals or just full-out hard rides.


Being Northwestern’s all-in-one cycling club and team, we do participate in the Midwest Collegiate Cycling Conference (MWCCC) races in the road and cyclocross disciplines. The road season usually starts with Spring Break, and lasts from March till the end of April. The cyclocross season starts in November and goes on till year-end. More details can be found on the MWCCC website.


Rides tend to be on the road and the various bike trails around the Chicago area, including the Lakefront Trail, Skokie Valley Bike Trail (Bunny Trail), and the North Branch Trail, to name a few.

Rides vary in length, anywhere from 10 to 100 miles. We’d encourage you to ride a distance that you feel comfortable with, so as to avoid complete exhaustion or any other problems.

All rides start from the old Kellogg building on the corner of Foster and Sheridan. Stay tuned to our Listserv for ride announcements and other communiques. Instructions on how to join the Listserv can be found here.

Our Executive Board

President: Griffin Bianchi


Treasurer: Kedar P Satyanand


Race Coordinator: Jim Maddock


Sponsorship Chair: Cameron Peters